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The CH Wellbeing + Detox Survey can help you check in with your emotions and current state of health. It is designed to bring you clarity, further understanding and to point out ways in which you can support yourself. Detoxing is one of the essential techniques to shift energy for better physical, mental and emotional health. 

A few minutes is all you'll need to complete the survey and gain insights into where you are today.

Strategies, products and practices will be recommended based on your results. 


Select the state that reflects your current experience to proceed to Survey questions.


You feel apprehension, unease, dread or fear. You worry about the future. When you wake up in the morning you often feel unsettled. Your mind lacks focus, thoughts can race at times, or even freeze. At times you are irritable and snappy.

Creative Block

You know that you have creative gifts, but what are they? You tell yourself 'I have artist’s block’ or ‘I need to take another class.’ Or ask yourself questions like 'Am I talented enough?' or 'Why are those ‘Ah Ha’ moments absent in me'? You keep meaning to...

Mind Chatter

Your thoughts run on a circular loop. Internal dialogue is constantly sifting observations, judgements, instructions and positive and negative talk. All interrupt one another and jostle for space. You’re distracted. Where did you leave your keys? Your head feels tight and pressure sits at your temples.


You are tired and weary. It's hard to keep your eyes open during the day and you find yourself yawning a lot. Sometimes your legs and arms feel heavy and you drag yourself around. You often wake up tired even when you’ve had enough sleep.


Life has lost its sparkle. You argue easily, feel flares of anger or sometimes want to scream. You don’t want to socialise, are disinclined to exercise and experience a vaguely trapped sensation. Feeling flat, numb and sometimes a victim of circumstances, you generally lack interest in or motivation to do anything.

Toxic Overload

Your diet has not been healthy lately. Your skin looks dull, you feel tired and have tight muscles. You're easily cross and frustrated, out of sorts and your relationships could be more satisfying. You know it's time to eliminate some things from your life because you’re fed up with dealing with them.

Lack Motivation

It’s hard to complete a task. You manage to complete what’s absolutely necessary but don’t feel inspired to get on with anything else. You reprimand yourself for procrastinating, for filling up your time with menial activities and distractions rather than getting on with more important, life changing things.


You feel disconnected or 'out of step' with life.
You are here for a reason, but can’t work out what that is. Tasks seem to take longer than usual and you repeat patterns that are not working. You mull over issues and over-question decisions to be made. Life is not flowing.

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