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  • Who can benefit from energy healing?
    Everyone: adults, infants, teens. Whether you wish to maintain your health or have a specific condition to address, Energy Healing has been demonstrated to deliver results.
  • What happens during an online treatment?
    The session will take place over zoom or skype. Together we will identify your goal. Your energy system will then be scanned to detect any blocks that may be working against you and an intention for change set. You will then be asked to make yourself comfortable and open yourself to receive the healing. After the energy balance we will discuss findings, conclusions and if necessary further solutions with you.
  • What will I feel when receiving energy healing?
    Responses to healing vary tremendously. You may feel tingling or electrical sensations in your body and limbs. You may feel warm and relaxed or see images and colours. Some people receive answers to questions they have in mind.
  • Is distant healing as effective as 'in-person'?
    Science and empirical data shows that non-local or distant healing works equally as well as face to face healing. ‘In Person’ healing can involve a hands-on approach which is not the case with online healing. Yet, the way you experience the healing is essentially the same.
  • Will I experience benefits after only one energy treatment?
    Many people receive benefits after only one energy session and some report profound and lasting change. The number of sessions required often depends on factors such as: your current health status, scope of your goal, the number of issues you wish to address, historical trauma and current environment.
  • Is daily consumption of herbal tea recommended, for best results?"
    Once you have identified the herbal tea suitable for your needs, it is usually recommended that you drink it for a while to effect therapeutic change. There are some herbal teas that can be safely drunk for extended lengths of time and some that are best taken in the short term. Consummate Health teas have been formulated to be generally safe for long term use. Although, with any consumable product, food, drinks and herbs, variety is a good thing: ese them as an integrated part of your health regime as long as needed to effect change, and then try another tea blend. CH blends may also be enjoyed purely as a refreshing drink or taken prophylactically to maintain health.
  • Is energy healing the same as reiki?
    Energy Healing and Reiki both work on subtle energy flow in the body to stimulate physical and emotional balance and healing. Reiki has a more structured in its method, using specific healing frequencies and symbols. Energy healing not only uses channelled energy like Reiki, but also gives you an understanding of your own energy system and how you can take command of your own life.
  • How can I manifest something in my life?
    Use energy healing to: Clear your blocks to success Create your goal intention Harness energy to manifest your goal(s)
  • How are the online Treatments delivered?
    Treatments are available as zoom sessions. Ensure that you have downloaded Zoom (free version is fine) onto your PC , Mac, tablet or phone. We will send you a Zoom invitation link in advance of your session. At your session time, open your invitation email. Click on the link under ‘Join Zoom Meeting’ to connect and enter the meeting room.
  • How do I access CH digital products?
    You will be sent login details to access your downloadable and online products. Some audio products are designed to be listened to at any time online using your personal login details.
  • What can I expect with herbal medicine prescriptions?
    Prescribed remedies are designed to treat specific medical conditions or to generally support the body and restore its innate healing ability. We also recommend herbs for nutritional benefit. Consummate Health prescriptions are in the form of herbal teas, liquid herbal extracts, capsules, tablets, pastes, medicinal creams, liniments and essential oils and draw on the principles and knowledge of Western herbal Medicine as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine. The course of treatment is based on what you want to achieve and where your health and life are placed. It can vary from a few weeks to longer periods of time.
  • How long will it take for medicines or products be received?
    CH delivers with standard Australia Post (unless otherwise arranged directly with CH). Allow approximately 5 x working days for delivery.
  • How shoud I prepare for my treatment?
    Have your ‘wish list’ ready. Apart from that, wear something comfortable if that helps you to relax.
  • I am having problems joining Zoom. What should I do?
    Copy the link under ‘Join Zoom Meeting’ in your invitation email, paste it into your browser and hit enter. Or try using your meeting ID and password to enter the session.
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