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What is Energy Healing?

shifting energy for physical, mental and emotional health

Our bodies are complex energy systems surrounded by a biofield that can be scientifically detected and measured. When energy is flowing freely throughout our system it allows for robust health - a sense of balance. We are living the dream. 


Many factors can interfere with this flow and negatively impact our wellbeing, choices and achievements. Some of the most common are: electromagnetic patterns laid down in childhood, stress, processing too many demands or over-committing, a lack of support, trauma,  and limiting subconscious beliefs.

Does your life reflect your goals, vision and values? Are you leaving little or no time for yourself - placing work, personal life, children and the requirements of others above your own needs - to the point of burn-out? Can you switch off your brain and conserve your energy for when and where it can be used to maximum effect?

Would you like to manifest something in your personal life? The great relationship, more time for creative pursuits or regular travel.

Healing is a natural treatment or modality in which the practitioner engages with the biofield, shifting energy in order to bring about positive change in physical, mental, emotional or relational health. A session with Charlotte is a deeply relaxing, non-invasive treatment, designed to detect blocks and dissolve or clear them away.  To help remove patterns that may be impacting mental resilience, contributing to a physical health condition or causing emotional issues.

Treatments are now all available as online sessions. Connect and experience the benefits of Energy Healing from the convenience of your own home or space. For non-local (online) Treatments - the consultation process, therapy technique and results you can expect are exactly the same as those you would experience in an in-person session. All you need is a space where you'll be undisturbed for the duration, an internet connection and an openness to creating meaningful change.

How can Energy Healing help?

work with underlying causes for lasting change

Energy Healing is a powerful, effective, non-invasive treatment used to:

  • Alleviate pain or symptoms associated with a physical condition or illness

  • Identify and resolve relationship issues and patterns that are no longer working

  • Remove unhelpful subconscious beliefs or recurring patterns of behaviour holding you back in personal or professional life

  • Strengthen energy, especially beneficial when feeling extremely tired or emotionally depleted

  • Promote personal development, effectively handle life decisions, clarify personal vision and goals

  • Manifest in your life the needs and desires of your integrated self 

  • Address root causes of a physical condition or illness and stimulate the body's innate healing capacities

  • Identify and dissolve emotional blocks

  • Improve communication and develop more harmonious relationships or ways of relating

  • Deepen spiritual connections and align with your higher purpose

  • Recognise your true, higher needs and separate these from family, work, communal or other expectations

  • Deal with specific work, career or social concerns

Sessions can also be taken for an energetic tune-up, or before periods expected to be busy - to maintain smooth energy flow, resonance and life success. 


Following my energy healing session I feel more relaxed, can generously accept the current pandemic conditions and work well at home instead of in the office.

My concentration is much higher now and I have a much healthier lifestyle; enough sleep, more exercise as well as being less affected by other people’s emotion and behaviours, etc.   

I am even back to blogging and have just redesigned my existing website.”

Fumie, Tokyo

Energy Treatments Available Online

From the ease and comfort of your own space, you can now experience the powerful benefits of CH online Energy Treatments.

Scan and Balance

Feel as though you're 'running out of time' on a daily basis, or depleted by meeting too many commitments and not enough of your own needs?

Tap into immediate relief with this shorter duration Treatment. It's a great 'stop and regroup' session and an excellent introduction to the practice of Energy Healing.

Shifting Energy with Healing

Have you made positive changes to your self or lifestyle but find it has made no lasting, tangible difference? Do you feel well?

By clearing away unhelpful subconscious beliefs, removing energetic blocks and raising vibrational frequency, the energy flows freely throughout our mind-body-spirit system. We then live in robust health, experience a sense of balance and live the life we choose.

Intuitive Life Coaching

Bring clarity to your life purpose and apply it to your everyday practices and objectives. Ideal if you want help to objectively appraise strengths and weaknesses or need to move beyond unhelpful, 'stuck' patterns. Also a powerful way to incorporate ethical and spiritual strategies into your work.

Herbal Medicine

Plant medicine can have a profound effect on the body and stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Consummate Health herbal supplements - in the form of tonics, capsules, pastes and creams - use only practitioner grade ingredients, and are mixed specifically for your needs.

Distant Energy Healing

Your Session

what can I expect from an energy healing?

For in-person and non-local (online) Treatments, the consultation, therapy technique and benefits you will experience are all exactly the same.

The treatment starts with a discussion about issues or circumstances affecting you. Then:

  • We target a particular area to focus on and set an intention for the session.

  • You lie down, or make yourself comfortable and close your eyes. Your energy system is scanned to detect any blocks contributing to a physical, emotional or spiritual condition or unwanted circumstance.

  • It’s a non-invasive, often deeply relaxing treatment.

  • During the treatment, Charlotte interacts with your biofield to clear subconscious limiting beliefs. Any blocks standing in the path of your goals are cleared, and drains on the energy system are identified.

  • A discussion of results and any intuitive findings to come out of the treatment follows, along with any lifestyle and practical recommendations.

The number of sessions for best results varies, depending on circumstances and the person. This can be discussed prior to the treatment. 

Charlotte Energy Healing
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