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Terms & Conditions

Consummate Health is a service sold and supplied on the Terms and Conditions of commerce as follows; except.



A – Definitions
B – “Service Provider” means Consummate Health
C – “Client or customer” means the company, corporation or person to which or to whom this or any documents are addressed.
D – “Services” Educational health information, Phone consultations, seminars & email communication.

A – The terms of Consummate Health form part of a contract or quotation to which a client is bound. Any and all Services supplied are subject to these terms.

B – If the requirements of any customer are changed after the agreement is signed they will incur additional charges on top of the original agreement.

1. The privacy and confidentiality of the customers will be respected at all times by Consummate Health


• Consummate Health shall not be bound by any liabilities or guarantee or guarantees that do not form part of these terms of use.
• Consummate Health owns and operates this website. You are not allowed to copy, modify, upload, reproduce, transmit, post, or distribute any material, in any form from this site at any time.
• This web site may be updated, modified, or amended by Consummate Health without prior notice, at any time.
• The customer is bound by these terms and conditions during the use of services supplied by Consummate Health and some services after a contract has expired.

Late Payments:
In the terms of any contract/agreement there will be a specific date that funds must be paid. Failure to pay funds on the correct date may incur a late payment fee of 11% per every 7 days from the day the payment is late commencing at the first day being at 11%. It is important fees are paid on-time both for you as the client, also for us at Consummate Health so we can continue in business.

Should a payment that’s stated in an original agreement not be made on-time to Consummate Health then any and all responsibility and guarantee or guarantees of the contract from Consummate Health are immediately terminated leaving no responsibility for Consummate Health even if the work re-commences.

It’s important that anyone, client, company, business, person or persons entering into a contract/agreement with Consummate Health must fulfil every part of the agreement without fail or any obligation, obligations, guarantee, guarantees on behalf of (by) Consummate Health will be null and void from that moment on meaning Consummate Health is and will no longer be responsible for any guarantees or obligations stated in any agreement, contract or on this website. By not fulfilling the agreement on the part of a client means, a late payment, a change of agreement/contract after initial signed agreement/contract or any alterations after the initial signing.


Additionally, should a contract be halted as a client wished to move out or the agreement/contract all work by Consummate Health may cease where there will be a minimum of 50% of the remaining agreement/contract must be paid in full by the following 30 days of the previous payment. Should the 50% of the remainder of the bill not be paid the client may be liable for all and any costs and interest associated with the fees owed to Consummate Health.


Please do not enter into a contract/agreement unless you are committed to seeing it through. Should you alter, change, manipulate, or try to change an agreement/contract or even if an agreement /contract is changed with the full consent of Consummate Health, any guarantee, guarantees, warranties, promises or anything in writing or on this website or written down by Consummate Health or any representative of Consummate Health is no longer valid. Should any additional tasks arise that are not in the agreement/contract, Consummate Health will charge an additional $220 per hour for any additional hours worked including but not limited to writing emails, phone calls, Consultation and related tasks.

At any seminar, should there be any prises or giveaway of any kind there will only be one rather than one for every person. This means there will be only one person who may receive a gift or prize should there be a prize or an offer. Also at any seminar there is no refunds of any kind and you are not permitted to share any links, information or details of the day with any other party who is not there on the day and in the room with us. Should you pay for a seminar and change your mind there will not be a refund, rather I will take the time to talk with you personally and give you up to two hours of my time to help you one on one over the phone. Please do not invest or pay for any seminar unless you are sure you would like to attend as there is only a forty eight hour cooling off period from the time you pay your fee.

Please come back and check the terms and conditions on this page often as that may change. Any changes here on these terms of use can and will affect any old and new agreement/contracts.

Refund policy and or guarantees:
This office and Charlotte Mutoro offers a guarantee on some products but all guarantees are void if any consultations, meetings, phone time or any other time have been taken by this office or Charlotte Mutoro at any time.

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