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Shifting Energy 

CH all-natural products are practitioner developed using therapeutic grade ingredients, to stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

They're designed for everyday use, to correct physiological imbalance, and to strengthen mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Individually used to great benefit as well as in combination to encourage and promote the healing of a range of health concerns.  

Take the CH Health Survey to find out which products best suit where you are right now.

 Perhaps you're feeling anxious, low or frustrated? Maybe in need of a physical or emotional detox, out of step with life, or simply depleted? The detailed survey will provide feedback and outline practical steps you can take towards feeling better.



Essential Oils | Herbal Teas | Guided Meditations | Books 

Herbal Teas 

for energy, immunity, gut health and better sleep 

The CH range of Herbal Teas grew in response to client requests for everyday health support. All natural ingredients, all plant derived, blended to strengthen the body's functions and to balance the mind.

Some of the ways CH Herbal blends can help:


  • Build up baseline immunity and supplement a daily health routine with a mid morning Immune Boost brew.

  • Aid the body’s metabolic function. Enhance the nutrient extracting digestive function, promote gut health and eliminate toxins with Digest Aid or Detox. Read more on Gut Health in the blog.

  • Alleviate afternoon sluggishness, by reaching for an Energy Tea or Chicory Coffee instead of the caffeine. You'll avoid bedtime restlessness and lighten the load on your liver.

  • Relieve anxiety and subdue an over-active nervous system, sip Relax Tea throughout the day. Add a few drops of Supreme Serenity Essential Oil to a diffuser at the same time to enhance sleep quality and promote deep rest.

 Essential Oils 

to relieve anxiety, headaches and tension 
or uplift mind and spirit

CH Essential Oils are practitioner developed using pure, potent source ingredients. Blended to provide an immersive sensory experience while delivering therapeutic results, for mind, body and spirit.  Suggested applications include:


  • To relieve anxiety, irritability or despondency. Add 3 drops of a lively blend to a little carrier oil and massaging into the temples and head.  Very Vital or Headache Relief are ideal.

  • To boost productivity while working or studying from home. The stimulating Mental Alignment - with Ginger and Black Pepper - diffused into the home office or study will sharpen concentration and focus.

  • Used to treat as well as prevent muscle strains and injuries. If you're especially sore, or haven't exercised a particular muscle in a while, use Muscle Relax as a topical rub on the affected area, and ease back into exercise or activity.

  • To improve sleep or reduce restlessness. Apply 4-5 drops of Supreme Serenity to the pillowcase 10 minutes before bedtime.

       Or create a room spritz and mist the room 15 minutes before

       retiring and you'll have the nervous system winding right down.


See the entire range in our online shop. 

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 Guided Meditations

manifest your desires

A simple technique for shifting energy, Guided Meditations can bring clarity to questions such as:

       - what behaviours or patterns are no longer working for me?

       - how can I let go of unhelpful beliefs?

       - how do I manifest what I desire or truly need?

       - how can I bring myself into alignment?

CH Guided Meditations are created specifically to:

  • Strengthen personal boundaries, open and balance your heart centre and step into your intuitive knowing.

  • Attract what you desire into your life and harness your power as a co-creator with the intelligent energetic field around you. 

  • Energise and fortify life-force; bring mental clarity, emotional and physical healing.

Listen to a meditation every day for a week and note any changes in your outlook or emotional equilibrium.

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