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Teen Well Being

Teen Challenges

A time of phenomenal change

The teenage years can be tricky to navigate.

Phenomenal change takes place in a relatively short space of time, across all areas of life: physical, emotional, intellectual and social. The external and internal changes experienced can be stressful, disorientating and overwhelming: hormonal fluctuations, shifts in parental and societal expectations, increasing school and peer pressure, a changed perception of body image, pressure to make longer term choices.


It's easy to feel misunderstood and to react awkwardly or uncooperatively as a result. It can be a struggle to articulate innermost thoughts and feelings. The teen brain is still developing, so decisions made may not produce the best outcomes; they can lack a measure of judgement.


Understanding how to negotiate this important period of time can spare some of the pitfalls, struggles, emerging insecurities and mental health issues.

teenager heart at feet

As a teen are you...

  • Struggling to find a place amongst peers, within society or the community?

  • Stressed, disorganised or time poor?

  • Feeling a weight of expectation from teachers, parents or community. Or pressure from peers?

  • Lacking inspirational role models and mentors in life?

  • Glued to tech most of the time?

  • Emotionally volatile? Anxious, depressed, frustrated, snappy, angry, disobliging, resentful…

  • Tempted to escape feelings by adopting unhealthy patterns with drugs and alcohol?

  • Experiencing online or offline bullying?

  • Engaging in unsettling behaviour?

  • Generally fine but finding it tricky to negotiate life changes?

Colorful Chalks

When you catch yourself engaging in critical self-talk, take the comment and reframe it in a positive way.  

Support & Specific Programs

At Consummate Health we've developed a range of Handbooks, Products and Guided Meditations to help you navigate this phase of life and implement an Action Plan for change.


Five individual Programs deal specifically with an area of Teen life where change is wanted: Calm, Concentration, Confidence, Friendships, Motivation. 


We all respond uniquely to support and intervention and Teens are no exception. With this in mind, flexibility is built into the Programs and the exercises can be practised at your own pace. Tried and tested techniques have been selected, based on their successful use in clinical practice, scientific evidence, as well as ease of use. 

Click on a specific Program to find out more.

Teen Well Being Programs

Information and techniques in the Teen Well Being Programs should not be used to diagnose or treat medical conditions. Use is at discretion of the individual. Consummate Health may not be held responsible for inappropriate use of information on this site or for any adverse effects or consequences that may arise as a result of implementation of any of the information acted on or for any omissions or errors within it.

Do not stop prescribed meditation without medical supervision.

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