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shift your life



like you truly want it to

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Are you ready to attune your energy field, clear stuck patterns, transform your life and mindset and get out of your own way to move into successful and healthful second half of 2023?  

Charlotte and the Consummate Health team will give you all the tools to align with the intentions YOU desire at your core level, attune your vibrations to achieve those intentions and live your highest frequency life.


It’s your time now, to set yourself up to be clear in your intentions, access the field to co-create, and manifest your best year ever.

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Release the fears and blocks

holding you back.

It's time to transform your life.

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Harness the Power of
to Create Your Best Life.


Are you ready to release feeling:

Frustrated because your life looks nothing like how you want it to.

Overwhelmed that there seems to be so many things you want to change, and - like a messy room - you don't know where to start and you really don't want to do it on your own.

Empty because - is this your “lot” in life?

Resentful when you look at other people's lives and wish you could find your happiness too.

Stuck in your own mind, repeating the same mistakes, and feeling like there’s no way out.

Exhausted from fighting your own life like it’s an uphill battle daily.

As though your life doesn’t represent all the work you’ve put in to try to change it.

Burnt out because even your meditations are just another item on your “to do” list and why aren’t they working??

Like you’re missing some “secret sauce” that other people have when they seem to be able to easily manifest.

Unsure of where to even start?


Call in the answers to your questions  
Understand how & why you've created the life you're currently living
Access tools and guidance to shift energy
Step into that life of relaxed shoulders and soul level confidence

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Program Overview


We are beings of light.

The importance of light and its  link in to meditation and manifestation

How your cells communicate and how light means the difference between health and disease, success and failure in your life.

What hinders you and what progresses you.

How to attune your energy field.

Switch Off & Get Out of Your Own Way 

Clearing stuck patterns

Change to Transform

Connected to life, love, passion.



Grounding our ideas and information

How we actualise potential

Miraculous changes with grounding

How your kidney affects your vitality and willpower.

Practical ways to ground.

How grounded are you?

Group healing


Trouble shooting

What’s stopping you - beliefs, thoughts, emotions

What are emotions?

How they can get in the way.

Thoughts are make and break.

Heart based meditation.

Are your thoughts getting in your way?

Are your emotions getting in the way?

Are your subconscious beliefs getting in your way?

Is your mind chatter getting in the way?

Is your inner critic getting in the way?

Is your family history getting in your way?


Brain balance, more easily access your higher self

Left Brain Right Brain what you need to know

The Super Brain - explore the different roles of the right and left-brain hemispheres and how they influence our personal artistry and success 

What our society values

Are your brain hemispheres talking to each other?

Synchronising your brain.


Access the field to co- create what you want.

Exciting cutting-edge science & quantum physics that you can harness.

The difference between meditation and intention. How both practises show up differently in the brain.

The in’s and out’s of how to intend. Making science work for you.

Manifest by understanding the language of the field

Creating an intention space


“Anything the mind can conceive and believe, it can be achieved.” 

Writing affirmations.

What you give out comes back - World intention

How to formulate your intention

How leaders use visualisation

Image by Paige Cody

If you've landed here, it's your time to transform your life.

A Little Bit About Our Host

charlotte portrait 2 copy.png

Shifting Energy

for over 30 years

A graduate of the renowned School of Herbal Medicine in Tunbridge Wells, UK, Charlotte has practiced as a herbalist and healer for over 30 years. She has lectured worldwide in England, Singapore, New Zealand, Japan and Taiwan. Currently her resident practice is in Sydney. 

A published author and member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists in the UK, the National Herbalists association of Australia and The Energetic Healing Association Charlotte is also a freelance journalist and much sought after as an intuitive life coach and mentor.

Consummate Health, founded by Charlotte in 2005, produces

all-natural products based on principles of herbal medicine and energy healing. All CH offerings are designed specifically to elicit physical, mental and emotional health and to help you         manifest your potential.


Frequently Asked Questions


If your life looks nothing like what you thought it should...

And no matter what you do you just can’t seem to shift into the life you know, deep down, that you should be living... 

And you understand that the life you have now is one that the past you has manifested?

Then this light-infused manifesting and meditation course is for you.


So many of us know, deep down, that the life we’re living is not our highest life.  Maybe you’ve tried “The Secret”.  Maybe you’ve tried manifesting on your own before, but never quite understood the technique.  Or maybe the concept of manifesting is completely new to you - Charlotte and the team are here to help guide you to understanding and practising successful manifesting in your life for health and success.


You’ll be guided to get out of your own way, attune your energy fields and access your higher self.  To learn how light can mean the difference between health and disease, how to clear stuck patterns, and ultimately, how to manifest what’s important to YOU.


There is no judgement or bias here based on age, gender, or any other form of division - simply a team who wants to give you the tools to shine your light the brightest you possibly can.


If you have any questions regarding if this course is right for you, please feel free to reach out to Charlotte directly: at

I already know about manifesting, but I'm still struggling with it  - why should I take THIS course?

Well, obviously if you're here, you're still feeling unsure about some aspects of manifesting. 


Maybe, like many of us, you read The Secret but found that it was really only scratching the surface.  You left feeling excited, only to realise some time later that you felt like you were still "missing something", because it just wasn't working. 


In this course, there is no "fluff".  Charlotte guides you through ALL the aspects of manifesting - from releasing, healing and creating space in your life for what you desire - right through to the "tip of the iceberg" that is the manifesting portion.


And on top of that, Session 5 is dedicated to troubleshooting anything that might be holding you back along your manifesting journey.

I'm completely new to manifesting - will this course be too advanced?

This course is designed to take you right through from someone coming in completely new, right through to people who are well versed in manifesting, but struggling to activate it in their lives.


Charlotte has designed the course to take you through step by step, and you have the ability to flick back through any of the lessons that you want to re-listen to, to really integrate it into your manifesting  and meditation practices.


Luck is up to one's choice.

According to Dr. Richard Wiseman of University of Hertfordshire, he found out that 80% of experimenters who thought unlucky turned to be/feel lucky after learning how to behave from a lucky person.


I could learn how to create my own life custom made tool from Healer Charlotte from this 6 week course.


How to balance myself, how to intend, and learned the mechanism why I was stopped to achieve specifically.


Also, I was supported with meditation & healing movie everyday.

- Miho O

The Meditate and Manifest course has helped move some old baggage.

It's made me more able to look after myself moving forward, helped me find more peace and realise I actually have control.


The course was nice and compact.  It didn't go on forever, so when you got to the end, you hadn't forgotten the beginning. The chat was also great and you had a couple of days to work out questions.  Nice again, to get other opinions.


Also nice to be able to go back through it at any time, and to access for however long.  The content was amazing and again, at an understanding pace for each person.

- Jan R - Brisbane, Australia

This course was everything I didn't know I was missing about understanding manifesting.

I watched The Secret 15 years ago, so I'm no stranger to it - but I was missing "something" - and Charlotte just revealed and clarified it all.


This course was so much more than just a "you can manifest whatever you want" kind of course - this has changed my whole outlook on life, started my 2022 so positive after years of feeling so anxious at New Years, worrying what the year will bring.


It has given me back my spiritual connection, my joy in the journey of life, and the tools to feel like I can overcome any challenge.


I can't thank you enough Charlotte, and I highly recommend this course.

- Tracy R - New Zealand

Shifting energy for over 30 years, you’re in great hands with Charlotte.

"Charlotte’s practical recommendations on herbs and other techniques have proved extremely useful and have provided me with a drug-free solution for my issues.


I truly recommend her to those seeking a better state of mind and health. Her sessions will transform your life."

- K, Tokyo, Translator

"I recently had an operation and I was worried about taking too much medication for the pain. After a few healing sessions, which were amazing not only did the pain become substantially less so that I was only medicating once a day instead of three but I was up and about in less time than was predicted by my doctor and physiotherapist. The healing did not just help with my operation but helped shift blocks and stopped the procrastinating patterns that were holding me back.

Thank you Charlotte for all your knowledge and help, literally you are an all-in-one package."

- Georgia M, Sydney

"Before I had a consultation. It was hard to find energy for my small son, I was tired and irritated, was not thriving at work or succeeding in the way I wanted. Even my husband was affected.

Then I met Charlotte, had a SKYPE consultation and started using her Plant Medicine book. I now feel like a completely different person. I am only sorry that it took me so long to find the help I so badly needed. I cannot recommend this health approach highly enough!

Thank you Charlotte for your experience, expertise, and professionalism."

- Deborah, Lawyer and entrepreneur, Norwich, UK

I have taken Charlotte’s energy sessions and also suggested them to my clients. During the session we are given an accurate report on our energy condition and self-care advice that is easy to follow.  Charlotte’s healing has dramatically improved our lives and sense of wellness"

- Haruna, Massage Therapist & Wellbeing Coach, Tokyo



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