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   Teen Well Being

Meeting Challenges


How can the Teen Programs help?

The Teen Programs are designed to lead you through each of the five steps to meeting challenges. To become aware of the specific challenge, accept circumstances, take action, check in to keep yourself on track and to keep going and integrate changes into everyday life.

At the core of each Program is a Teen Well Being Handbook and an Action Plan - to guide you. Handbooks consist of practical advice, strategies and exercises that can be used every day. Including self-reflection practices, physical exercises and internal dialogue reframing techniques, among many others.


Each Handbook and Action Plan is uniquely tailored to improve Motivation, Calm, Friendships, Concentration or Confidence.


Accompanying each Handbook is a specific Guided Meditation and an Essential Oil, selected to address the area of concern. Both are created by Medical Herbalist, Energy Healer, Author and Consummate Health founder Charlotte Mutoro, based on over 30 years of clinical, international experience.

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Teen Well Being Programs

What results can I expect?


Results will depend on the extent and duration of experiences, as well as general health, environmental and social factors. With regular practice of exercises and techniques, and by implementing a few of the simple lifestyle recommendations, changes can be noticed in 2-4 weeks.


The Programs can be applied for general issues, specific concerns or one-off events. They are designed to develop and strengthen foundational life skills as well as to teach techniques for dealing with everyday life.


  • confidence and self-esteem

  • healthy body image

  • a sense of discipline and achievement

  • self-motivation

  • robust and supportive friendships

  • healthy life balance


  • support during sometimes anxiety inducing times like school assessments and exams

  • techniques to deal with nerves or doubts when participating in competitive events like sport, public speaking or performing arts

  • skills to help you achieve success in particular tasks 


A weekly Check-in is integral to each Program - a short Checklist included in the Handbook. It's an opportunity to think about the exercises, reflect on your emotions and behaviour and to assess the changes you're experiencing.

When shifts occur, exercises and techniques can be changed or used differently. It's a way to adapt the techniques to your own pace and personality.

If you're unsure of your experiences in any way, or suspect an underlying physical or medical condition it's important to seek further healthcare provider or medical advice.


Treatments are also available, to complement the packages and provide one on one support as you meet these challenges. 


A combination of Energy Healing and Intuitive Life Coaching, treatments draw on practitioner Charlotte’s 30+ years’ experience in helping people go beyond their limiting beliefs, release unhelpful patterns and move towards their life purpose. 


Available as online zoom sessions, that can be accessed from anywhere, they’re designed to check where you’re at, what is and isn’t working for you, and to evoke positive change, in a calm and supportive way. Trying to understand what you really want? Deciding whether to pursue plumbing or music, teaching or travel? Maybe you're dealing with low confidence, anxiety or poor motivation. Support is available. Find out more.

I am

I am 


Information and techniques in the Teen Well Being Programs should not be used to diagnose or treat medical conditions. Use is at discretion of the individual. Consummate Health may not be held responsible for inappropriate use of information on this site or for any adverse effects or consequences that may arise as a result of implementation of any of the information acted on or for any omissions or errors within it.

Do not stop prescribed meditation without medical supervision.

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