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Inaugural Australian Medicinal Cannabis Symposium

Updated: Dec 1, 2020


Discussion panel at Australian Medicinal Cannabis Symposium

Experts in the field of medicinal cannabis and law enforcement joined politicians and the general public at the inaugural Australian cannabis symposium in Tamworth on 21 & 22  November.  The symposium, full of speakers from around the globe, was organised by Lucy Haslam who’s son Dan used medicinal cannabis to alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy prescribed as treatment for his bowel cancer. She has been pushing for the decimalization of the plant for medicinal use and greater accessibility to it for those who need it as a treatment.

Medicinal cannabis is being used worldwide in countries such as the US, UK, Israel, Czech republic to treat serious diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis and intractable epilepsy as well as for pain control and chemotherapy induced nausea and appetite loss.

The symposium heightened awareness of medicinal cannabis in the community and helped educate those who attended it. With NSW premier Mike Baird, who opened the event saying that he will fight for change in NSW while calling for national support to make the process of legalising medicinal cannabis easier.

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