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If You Struggle with Meditation, is Using Guided Meditation Just as Effective?

...especially when you're meditating for a specific reason?

The short answer is yes, it absolutely is.

If you are finding it hard to meditate then try to relax a little before you start. Go for a quiet walk, try a relaxing footbath or start with a guided meditation. This will help your brain to embrace the habit of stopping. After that you will be ready to meditate with music or in silence if you so wish.

Some people prefer to stick with guided meditation. If you’re one of them, you may have wondered if you are able to receive intuitive downloads while listening to somebody else’s voice?

Again, the answer is yes. Information can still come to you while you are being guided, in the form of images, pictures, colours, words etc. Sometimes, the information you receive is in the form of "a knowing". You just know something is true. Alternatively, you may receive a download after the meditation finishes or an idea or solution will pop into your mind on awakening from sleep one morning You may be in the midst of shopping at your local supermarket when the answer to an issue you have been pondering ‘drops in’.

A Guided Meditation can be the perfect place to start.

Guided Meditations work well if you struggle with brain chatter and just can’t stop your brain turning over: Items missing from your grocery list, plans for dinner, what happened on last night’s episode of your favourite show may crowd your mind and wind you up rather than calm you down.

Guided meditation gives the active half of your mind something to focus on. In a world full of stimulation when our attention is being pulled in multiple directions this can be a good thing. It can help us more easily train our brain to slow down.

Once you've achieved a good level of calm you can choose to stay with guided meditation or move to music or silence.

Want to know more? We talk through this further in today’s YouTube episode:

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