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Why Do We Meditate?

Meditation can help us reduce stress, calm the mind, address stress induced disease, support our relationships, observe our thoughts and emotions and then reduce those unhelpful ones. And that’s just the start.

You may argue that during the hectic Christmas season you have little or no time to meditate. Ironically, regular meditation is one of the best practices to add to your list of ‘to dos’ because it not only increases your efficiency but also your capacity to enjoy all the busyness.

A small investment of time, even 10 minutes a few times a week can help you reduce overthinking and left-brain chatter. Can help reduce your stimulating high-frequency and low-amplitude Beta brain waves and instil a continued sense of calm within.

You produce more beta brain waves when you’re actively talking or concentrating. To meditate successfully, you need to produce less Beta brainwaves and more of the slower Alpha and Theta brain waves.

Children tend to live in a semi-meditative state up until the age of seven, and beyond. Their natural preponderance to produce more Alpha and Theta waves makes them apt to be ‘dreamy’, yet at the same time able absorb information like a sponge.

You can help reduce beta brain wave activity and prepare yourself for meditation with specific meditation exercises, through the use of essential oils and herbal teas as well as by spending time in nature. Being outside in a park surrounded by trees, near water or in the wilds automatically relaxes you and induces more Alpha brainwaves. The earth’s background planetary waves help ‘tune you in’ to calmness.

You don’t have to be sitting on top of a mountain or in a quiet room to meditate.

Once you have formed the skill of letting go of brain chatter with relaxant herbs, essential oils and regular meditation, you can reach the point where a meditative state becomes a moment to moment living experience. Your base line is calm efficiency and when sharp focus is required it arises from this baseline of balance.

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