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Making Your New Year's Resolution Count

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Many of us start the New Year with a resolution or intention that we wish to see fulfilled during the following twelve months. We may desire to take that dream holiday, loose a few extra kilos or take our organisation to new heights; not just meeting those set goals but surpassing them and cultivating a culture of innovation and collaboration amongst the work team.  

A successful resolution begins with a vision, and then knowledge and application of the tools needed to materialise it.

Understanding the immense power of your thoughts, emotions and beliefs are key factors in whether you find yourself toasting a winning outcome at the end of the incoming year or are still hoping for a better one in the future. 

Before you set your intention for 2024, it can be helpful to take stock of how you are feeling emotionally and guage if an adjustment is needed. Try following this up with an objective look at your thoughts: on a scale of one to ten how aligned our they with what you want to achieve next year? For example, you may want to travel the continent of Africa but feel financially encumbered or time poor. Search deep! Do you truly believe that you can meet your goal? Is anything within or without blocking your way? Do you have the trust required to reach a successful outcome? 


Meditation can be a great way of bringing objectivity as well as intuition to these important questions. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the festive season catching a few moments of mindfulness, where you bring your awareness back to yourself and assess where you are presently sitting can not only improve your chances of discarding what is not working for you, but make it easier to set a clear achievable goal for yourself.

Practice a little appreciation and gratitude for the positive things that are already present in your life to help raise your vibration of success before you ring in the New Year and then prepare to enjoy the results of your intention process. 

Watch to this MINUTE+ MEDITATION to induce calm, tune in and begin your process of MINDFULNESS.


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