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Feeling That "End of Year / Christmas is Coming" Burnout Already? Essential Oils to the Rescue!

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Are you feeling tired, burnt out, stressed or anxious?

Do you have a sore neck, muscle tension or ‘tech overload’?

If life is busy or a juggling act it can be hard let go and relax when the Christmas holiday arrives. An effective way to hasten the unwinding process is through the use of essential or aromatherapy oils. They make great stress relief gifts too.

Fragrance has a potent effect on the brain and our emotions, even in miniscule amounts. As we breath in a scent, millions of odour sensing cells in our nose detect the fragrance molecules and send messages to the brain via our first cranial nerve known as the olfactory nerve. The nerve fibres terminate in the limbic area of the brain, which is believed to control our most basic instincts and emotions. This is thought to be why smell has such a strong effect on how we feel and can stir up powerful memories.

Aromatherapy can benefit both physical and psychological health.

Consummate Health oils have been specifically blended with therapeutic benefit in mind.

For example, Supreme Serenity not only contains the popular stress relief essential oil Lavender, which helps relax the mind and assist most stress related issues such as poor sleep, mild tension headaches and anxiety related tiredness; but also, amongst other ingredients, Roman Chamomile which enhances Lavender’s mental relaxant properties. Supreme Serenity has been used effectively as an anxiety relief essential oil blend.

Rosemary, one of the oils in Headache relief is used to relieve lethargy and tiredness as well as assist with tension headaches.

Excitingly, the CH oil blends have additional benefits over and above the obvious ones. The scent of Grapefruit oil, an ingredient of Creative Genie and Very Vital may, under differing circumstances reduce or increase your appetite.

Black pepper, in Mental Alignment has been known to reduce the craving to smoke.

Cajuput oil in Muscle Relax, with its Eucalyptus-like fragrance helps amplify the anti-anxiety and cognitive effect of other oils as well as ease muscle tension and rhematic joint pain.

Another wonderful aspect of essential oils is their often surprisingly quick effect.

If you are looking for an essential oil to concentrate, try Headache Relief. A sniff of peppermint oil in the blend can waken up a tired mind and restore focus. Peppermint is also an ideal choice if sustained attention is needed to complete a complex task, making it perfect for doctors, drivers, students, air traffic controllers, pilots, writers, computer operators, etc. Or for the hectic pre-Christmas period. Peppermint oil can relieve mild headaches caused by mental fatigue or stress, or resulting from colds and flu infections.

If you wish your family to be in better spirits try infusing Creative Genie into the room. It contains Lemon oil which has been shown to induce a general sense of well-being.

An essential oil massage is a wonderful way to promote emotional and physical relaxation and health.

To gain benefit from essential oils simply choose an appropriate blend, such as Very Vital if you are feeling fatigued. Then fill an electric essential oil diffuser or aromatherapy diffuser with a little water, add 3 drops of oil and turn the diffuser on. In the case of an oil burner, just add a little water and a few drops of essential oil(s) to the well at the top of the burner, place a tealight candle in the area underneath and light it.

Just remember to take care with the naked flame and keep the burner well away from children and other heat sources.

A handkerchief provides another simple yet effective way to enjoy your oil blend. Soak 2-3 drops in to a handkerchief and hold the hanky to your nose. Alternatively tuck the hanky into the neck of your shirt or top so you can easily inhale the vapours.

Neat essential oils shouldn’t be applied to the skin. Select a suitable carrier oil such as almond, liquid coconut or grapeseed oil and then mix 3 - 4 drops of your essential oil blend with 10 ml of the carrier oil. Use this mixture for massage or apply a few dabs to your pulse points.

As essential oils are potent substances, they should be kept well away from children and pets. Avoid using aroma oils on children under 2 years of age without medical advice and taking them orally. It is also important to discontinue their use if you develop a skin or other sensitivity. In terms of storage: Avoid leaving them in a sun-drenched place and ideally keep them in a fridge to prolong their shelf-life.


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