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A great health care package providing internal herbal and external aromatic support for your health.


You will receive three 25 g herbal tea blends and three 5 ml 100 % aromatic oil blends:


Immune Boost



Supreme Serenity

Mental Alignment

Muscle Relax

Three Herbs Three Oils

  • Supreme Serenity is a relaxing oil blend suitable to aid mental relaxation and sleep/ insomnia. Supreme Serenity has had amazing success worldwide.

    Supreme Serenity is includes oils traditionally used to assist conditions and symptoms such as anxiety, mild panic attacks, mild circumstantial depression, restlessness, worry & fearfulness, repetitive & circular thought patterns. Supreme Serenity may be used to support body and mind balance and to deepen a meditative alpha state.

Shipping Cost $11.45 - All Over Australia

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