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Where Did The Secret Go Wrong - Why am I Struggling to Manifest?

When The Secret came out I didn’t read the book, but did watch the film in the cinema. It was interesting and exciting - however, I realised there was a little bit missing.

This was born out, when a year or two after the launch, I heard of some groups forming in America to deal with the disappointment of the ‘Secret’s Formula’ not yielding results. In fact, some people took a deep dive after their hopes were dashed.

So yes, there is some missing.

A key step in the manifesting journey is to look at ancestral patterns, belief systems and programs in your subconscious mind that run contrary to your conscious desires.

Your subconscious mind processes so many more stimuli per second than your subconscious mind. Your conscious mind might be saying “I really want that promotion at work” while your subconscious mind is saying “ah yes, but remember that teacher in fourth grade who said to me that I’d never amount to anything - I’m not good enough - I’m just not going to be able to manage it…”

If your subconscious mind is working against those things that you want, unfortunately, your subconscious mind is going to, by the law of averages win out.

You also need to work out what your programs are.

If your brain is programmed to say “this is impossible”, you will have to first clear that programming or belief system. From there, anything and everything is possible.

It is unrealistic to get up tomorrow and say “ah yes, this is going to happen” if there are programs and beliefs that are getting in your way and stopping its fulfilment.

So, clear things first, and then, when you do come to manifest - it’s a lot more likely to be successful.

Another stumbling block to manifesting, can be if you want to go from Step 1 of your dream to Step 20 in one go, and you’re not prepared for such a leap. Have you noticed that people who win millions in the lottery - if they’re not prepared or energetically ready for it… within a year or two, are no longer talking their families, have run through most of the money or seem unhappy.

So, taking those bigger dreams and breaking them down into smaller steps can prove a safer way to achieve your wish list.

Even then, if you haven’t cleared first - you may still end up disappointed.

This weeks YouTube episode is an excerpt from our Meditate & Manifest Course. Self paced, ready when you are!

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