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We Are Beings of Light (How Energy Healing Can Change Your Light & Life)

Are you struggling to get on with a colleague? Have you taken a financial hit lately? Do you find yourself easily exhausted with no time to fit in any self care? Would you love to grow your business but don’t know how? Perhaps you’re longing to find your life path and ultilize your talents. Or simply fed up with the bickering at home.

A great way to address unhelpful situations in your life and to seek clarity and resolution of questions and issues that you have, is through working with your own energy.

As far back as the 1970’s it was known that the body’s Energetic signaling mechanisms are a 100 x’s more efficient in relaying environmental information than Physical/ chemical signals, such as hormones, neurotransmitters and growth factors. (1)

We are essentially beings of light. Our DNA stores and emits light. A basic unit of light is known as a photon, which is a bundle of electromagnetic energy. Light energy carries information that allows intercellular and intracellular communication within us. Light then carries information into the energy field surrounding our body and enables us to communicate with others: our fellow man, animals, organisms, plants. This information transfer is bi-directional. As we emit our light, we receive reciprocal light back which provides two-way communication. Our body cycles are set predominantly by light. Light metabolism simply makes us who we are.

Scientists have been able to measure our light emissions for some time. Biophotons (light particles created by metabolic changes in the body) have been measured coming out from the centre of our fingernails and fingerprints for example. And fingernails emit more of them than our fingerprints do. (2) Our neural cells give off biophotons in correlation with neural activity amongst other things. (3)

Coherence or how ordered the light is has been shown to be a key factor in how efficiently and effectively light can deliver information. If light is not coherent within the body, it can impact detrimentally on all spheres of our life and we can become unhappy and / or unwell.

Dr Klinghardt, a physician at The Sophia Health Institute in Woodinville near Seattle says that an ill cell is one that has lost its ability to create, transmit and receive coherent light.

How do you maintain ordered light? One way is through consuming organic plant food, which provide a great source of light energy. As the sun shines on a plant, the plant converts the sunlight into physical matter. When we eat plant material and our digestion breaks down the physical matter and release the stored light energy to us. Sunlight can also provide a major source of healing as can energy healing sessions.

Research also shows that healers emit light energy from their hands during healing and Qi gong healers can use energy to increase cell growth and DNA & protein synthesis. (4)

A healing session starts with an energy scan to ascertain just how well you are communicating inside. The healing itself is designed to help restore balance and the flow of information within so that whatever you would like to shift, restore or manifest in your life can be addressed. Many find the non-invasive treatment deeply relaxing and apart from using it to help remove patterns that may be causing or contributing to a physical health condition, an emotional issue, limiting subconscious beliefs that hold you back from great communication with others, a harmonious and happy relationship and family, a job promotion or a desired change of direction for example. Sessions can also be taken for an energetic tune up or prophylactically to maintain smooth energy flow, resonance and life success.

1.C.W.F. Clare. ‘Resonance in Bioenergetics’ – Annals of the New York Academy of Science, vol. 227, issue 1 The Mechanism, pp 74-97.


4)Therapist’s ‘Tune Ups’ Oschman J L Oschman N H 1994a Somatic recall part 1. Soft tissue memory. Massage Therapy Journal, American Massage Therapy Association, Lake worth, FL, 34:36-45, 111

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