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Trying to Meditate but Can't Switch Off Your Mind? Here's How to Fix It.

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

You settle down to meditate but can’t switch off your mind. It’s chock-a-block with what you need to do later today, the minor altercation you just had with your friend, the upcoming summer holiday in Bali. You feel stressed.

Of course, meditating is designed to pull you out of stress. One problem, it’s not easy to reach a Zen state when the sympathetic part of your autonomic nervous system is overacting.

If you regularly find yourself arriving late to appointments, putting extra demands and pressure on yourself or attempting to juggle too many things at once; if you’re finding it hard to sleep, developing tension headaches or forgetting where you put your car keys; or have ongoing muscle tension or are easily irritated - it may help to look at your stress levels.

It is normal to feel nervous and mildly stressed if you are embarking on something new and unfamiliar. Think of the butterflies you get in your stomach on the first day of a new job. The nervousness when waiting to hear whether your mortgage application has gone through with the bank. Imagine yourself as marathon runner on the start line at the Olympics.

Once the situation or circumstance has past or you have adapted to it, the stress and unease should pass. Things should revert to normal. If you are finding that your stress is ongoing and that it is hard to let things go and relax, that it’s interfering with daily life, it’s is a wise move to support your nervous system and help make your meditation practice easier. To form a lovely self-perpetuating loop.

One way to do this is through conscious breathing. When you can catch a few moments during the day, and immediately prior to meditation take a few long, slow breath or inhalation. Also keep up your water levelsger by several counts than the in-breath or inhalation. Also keep up your water levels and before sitting down to meditate drink a glass of filtered water with a pinch of Himalayan pink or rock salt dissolved into it.

Looking for More Ways to Support Your Meditation Practice?

We have a number of guided meditations. You can quickly refocus yourself with our Minute+Meditations, or if you're looking for something longer, we have full guided meditations available for download here.

Drinking Consummate Health’s Total Relax Herbal tea blend can help to promote calm and balance.

Supreme Serenity essential oil blend diffused into the air while you are meditating can get you to that Zen space sooner.



The information presented here does not include diagnosis of Medical ailments or drug interactions. Please consult with your NHAA medical herbalist, G.P. or pharmacist for a diagnosis of symptoms and advice on what is safe and effective for your unique needs. The information contained in this article is based on research and the personal experience of the author who may not be held responsible for any adverse effects or consequences that may arise as a result of implementation of any of the information contained in this article or for any omissions or errors within it.

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