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Life is Designed to be Fun. Laughter Changes You, Lightens, Frees. RESET THE POSSIBILITIES.

Thinking back to your childhood. Did you laugh and have more fun then, than you do now?

To quote Patch Adams M.D., the American physician who founded the Gesundheit Institute in West Virginia, US in 1971, where those in need are treated to free healthcare.

‘Humour is an antidote to all ills. I believe that fun is as important as love.’

Patch has followed his vocation as a street clown as well as a doctor for many decades. His idea of sending volunteer clown doctors into hospitals and other relevant places around the world to promote healing through humour, has saved so many. Laughter is fabulous medicine.

Laughter has been recognised as therapeutic for centuries. Has been shown to reduce stress, increase the release of happy chemicals that make us feel good, such as endorphins. Help our relationships, promote happiness, wellbeing and longevity. Boost immunity, relax the muscles, even assist, albeit alongside other strategies, weight loss.

Laughing is just plain good for you.

Whatever your present mood, try smiling to yourself, and note how you feel. It can be the first step to immersing yourself in more laughter and fun. Do you find it easily to share laughter? Then find others who are happy to join in with your jollity.

As Patch recounts in his bestselling book ‘Patch Adams’ that tells his story, and formed the basis of the Hollywood movie of the same name. ‘I..have tried to make my life silly, not as that word is currently used, but in terms of its original meaning. ‘Silly’ originally meant good, happy, blessed, fortunate, kind and cheerful in many different languages.’

This week's YouTube takes you on a journey to remember to smile, laugh, release discontent and blocks to success. Laughter changes you. Laughter lightens you. Laughter frees your energy, and resets possibilities. Take a minute to reset your possibilities.

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