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Are You Tuned into the Right 'Station' to Attract Your Desires?

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Our body is a complex energy system. The human biofield, or aura as it is more commonly known, surrounding our body is dynamic and every changing - influenced by what we do, our thoughts and emotions.

Sensitive magnetometers called Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices or SQUIDS are used by medical researchers to map the bio magnetic fields around the body. These fields are associated with the physiological activity going on inside us. SQUIDS can also detect whether we are in a state of health or disease.

As electromagnetic beings we are like antennae, constantly picking up energetic signals from all around. We receive and download information on an ongoing basis. Our frame of mind or frequency status can influence what information we receive.

It’s up to you which ‘life station’ you choose to tune in to - just as you would select the radio or TV station running the program you want to hear or watch. So in theory, you can choose exactly what you download.

Why does this not always play out in reality?

One reason is your belief systems. They can get in the way and make it hard to connect with the clear signal of your favoured station. The good news is, these beliefs can be shifted and replaced using energy.

If you have a conscious desire for that new relationship, next promotion, repair of a friendship or to healing your persistent migraines, and yet nothing’s working - your desire is eluding you, not coming to fruition - it may be unhelpful beliefs getting in your way.

A combination of meditation and energetic healing is a powerful way to clear subconscious programs and beliefs that you don’t want, so that you can replace them with ones that you do.

The outcome? You can tune into the station that you want with far less or no interference.

This weeks Minute+Meditation focuses on just this topic. Allowing yourself to become an antennae for your wishes and needs. Still your mind and listen. Know the best decisions to make, the best path to follow. Tune in, and work with the energy field around you to co-create your desires.

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