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Amazing Impact of Sound

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

With sound therapy you are bathed in waves of frequencies from crystal bowls and tuning forks to bongo drums and rattles. From the voice to the flute or reed pipe.

Acoustics is the scientific name for the study of the many effects of sound. The term derives from the Greek word akoustos, meaning heard. The history of sound therapy is a long and fascinating one. We are going to highlight a couple of aspects of it here: Starting with Chaladni. The German Hungarian musician and physicist was born in 1756, the same year as Mozart, and died the same year as Beethoven. He laid the foundation for the discipline of acoustics within physics. In fact, he is sometimes referred to as the “father of acoustics.”

Chaladni followed up the work of English scientist Robert Hooke, who over a century earlier had observed the impact of sound on everyday matter. Hooke had covered a glass plate with flour and run a violin bow along the edge of that plate. He noted that the vibration of the bow was creating strange patterns on the glass. The patterns were resulting from something called ‘nodal lines’, which formed in those areas of the plate which, in contrast to other parts weren’t vibrating. Chladni continued the experiments of Hooke and perfected them. Substituting sand for flour on most occasions. The patterns he created from these experiments are commonly known as “Chladni figures”. His work resulted in an increased understanding of the direct impact of sound waves on physical structures.

Our second highlight is Hans Jenny, a Swiss physician and researcher working during the 1960’s. He birthed Cymatics, which is the study of how vibrations, in a broad sense, generate and influence patterns, shapes and moving processes. He created an instrument called the tonoscope, which uses crystal oscillators to create vibrating movements in metal plates and membranes. Jenny highlighted, with fluids, iron fillings, mercury, plastics and such like the effect of voice, tone and song on basic substances. The resulting patterns ranged from beautifully ordered to rather chaotic. When vowels of the ancient sacred languages of Hebrew and Sanskrit were pronounced, the vibration of them being spoken formed the exact shape of the written symbol in the sand (an amazing finding.) Clearly showing all natural phenomena to be ultimately dependent on, if not entirely determined by the frequencies of vibration.

Everything around us broadcasts a frequency, including us. Our words, as we have seen can be frequency generators. Some create order, others inflict chaos, as the Japanese researcher Dr. Emoto found in his work with water crystals. Dr. Emotos’s view after his many experiments was that human consciousness directly effects the molecular structure of water, and we on average comprise 60% water.

So, it appears that the sound and words you utter and are bathed in on a regular basis can create either health or disease. Either a heavenly life or one far less commodious.


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Masaru Emoto. The Hidden Messages in Water.

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