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Thank You New Zealand!

I had a wonderful time in New Zealand while doing the Cardrona event!  Can't wait to come back to your beautiful country!  If you missed out on the workshop, make sure to keep an eye on other events coming up online below. 



Energy Healing, Intuitive Coaching, Essential Oils, Herbal Teas, Meditations 

At CH we focus on shifting energy to promote physical, mental and emotional health. Through Energy Treatments and Healing, Intuitive Coaching sessions and Herbal Medicine consultations.

Treatments are adapted to your needs: a single session targeted at a specific concern, or a course to work more deeply with embedded issues.

Shifting energy can help you realise diverse and profound life changes. Create an hour every day for yoga and meditation, attain quality sleep without medication or alcohol, or ensure your resume is considered for that position. Free yourself from muscle tension, headaches or strong emotional trigger points that lead you to over-react in relationships.


Our own range of Herbal Teas, Essential Oils and Guided Meditations have been developed in response to ongoing client demand for products to support the personal change that may be proving hard to come by. With all natural, pure ingredients they target specific needs  while promoting integral, everyday health. Explore the range in our

online store.

Charlotte Mitchell, who founded Consummate Health in 2005, is a specialist Medical Herbalist and Energy Healer with over 30 years experience as a practitioner. She is also a lecturer, presenter and author. All CH treatments, consultations and products draw on her broad experience and are based on the principle that  energy is the basis of life and health.

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Natural and Organic Products for Everyday Health

​CH Herbal Teas, Essential Oils and Guided Meditations are created and blended to deliver therapeutic benefit, while providing an immersive sensory experience. 

All natural products, developed by herbalists to stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms and to correct physiological imbalance.

Use them to support physical, mental and emotional health.

CH books and e-handbooks provide in-depth information, practical tips and strategies, on energetic health, herbal medicine and more.

Explore the range or head to our online shop.


Health Promoting Remedies and Supplements

Drawing on Traditional Chinese as well as Western Herbal Medicines, Charlotte offers a unique treatment combining Energy Treatment with Herbal Medicine. This is a powerful way to address a specific physical condition or to help you identify an area where targeted support is needed. 

In treating underlying causes, not just symptoms, herbal medicine works towards longer lasting resolution of a condition or illness. Charlotte treats people for:

  • Immune system support; immune dysfunction and infections

  • Headaches and migraines

  • Insomnia and restless sleep

  • Circulatory issues, high blood pressure and high cholesterol

  • General inflammatory issues, as well as specific conditions like arthritis

  • Digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome and acid reflux 

  • Hormonal disruptions

  • Premenstrual and menopausal symptoms

  • Stress and stress related issues

  • Physical and mental fatigue

  • Despondency, anxiety, mild depression

  • Allergies

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K, Tokyo, Translator

"Charlotte’s practical recommendations on herbs and other techniques have proved extremely useful and have provided me with a drug-free solution for my issues.

I truly recommend her to those seeking a better state of mind and health. Her sessions will transform your life."


Charlotte is an international educator, with extensive experience working with groups, helping people effect their potential and enhance their goals. She is available for boutique workshops, seminars and speaking engagements.

Areas of health that Charlotte is particularly passionate about include native and non-native electromagnetic radiation, detoxing physically, mentally and spiritually, energetic principles of good living and manifestation as well as specific health conditions.

Contact CH to find out more.         

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